Our Team

Elena Usova-Akula

Head of the Organising Team

Elena is sport development advisor at Latvian Canoe Association, international judge for canoe slalom and former whitewater athlete.

She is sport manager with 10+ years’ experience in developing various projects and teams for two sport federations and at national and global sport events.

At our event Elena is responsible basically for everything: idea, strategy, budget, team management, communication, partnership, marketing, logistics etc. She is also the one who communicates with you through our social media and makes sure you have fun and exciting competitions at the First Remote Roll Contest.

Contact Elena:

elena.akula@eskimorollcontest.org usovaakula@canoelatvia.lv www.linkedin.com/in/usova-akula

Taya Platova

Chief Judge

Taya is international and national judge for canoe slalom. She is in the sport for more than 15 years. Throughout her career in slalom, she judged at world cups, national and regional cups and championships. For the First Remote Roll Contest Taya is responsible for final results. She leads our referees team to ensure fair judgment and on time results` delivery.

Contact Taya:

taya.platova@eskimorollcontest.org taya.platova@gmail.com

Alex Slavyansky

Deputy Head of Organising Team
Marketing Consultant

Alex is a passionate whitewater kayaker, who brings his expertise in digital advertising and marketing to develop whitewater sports and other both non-commercial and commercial projects for 12 years now. Alex`s portfolio includes marketing and development for various businesses, SEO and digital advertising and web development.

At the contest Alex supports marketing and communication process and ensures fun and unique experience for our contestants in different areas.

Contact Alex:

alex.slavyansky@eskimorollcontest.org alex.slavyansky@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/alex-slavyanskii

Ieva Jorena-Auzniece

Partnership Manager

Ieva has more than 10 years-experience in organising national and international sport events in Latvia. She is national judge for canoe slalom at Latvian Canoe Association and strong supporter of the sport in the country.

At the contest Ieva is responsible for partnership development and maintenance.

Contact Ieva:

ieva.jorena@eskimorollcontest.org www.linkedin.com/in/ieva-jorena-auzniece-b74559a5

Vadim Akula

Software Developer

Vadim has more than 10 years-experience in building web and server applications. For the contest he creates, develops and supports our website. He also provides the most of design and assists in social media management. Vadim loves sports and space-tech.